US States and Their Capitals

Do you know all fifty US states and their capitals? Take this quick test and see how much you remember.

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- Choose states and capitals from a list of five options.

- Choose states and capitals from a list of all possible states and capitals.

- Enter states and capitals from memory without multiple choice. Spelling is important!

Heads up! The states circled below have been moved and resized so we can show more state and less empty space on your test map. This is not where they are located.

Test Map

Their actual locations in relation to the other 48 states are circled below. Don't be fooled on other maps.

Reference Map

Map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin. Visit the Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection.

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A special thanks to Dmitry Baranovskiy for his amazing SVG/VML library, Raphaƫl.

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Which state is this and what is its capital?