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Create a "This Person" social media message in three easy steps!

Do you have an important cause, meme, or insight to share with your social network? Which of these messages is more effective?

Two Facebook messages

If your message could benefit from a punchy font, classy colors, or a big arrow pointing at your head, make a "This Person" message today!

Step #1

Craft a pithy message, choose a high-impact font, and create a persuasive palette.

Font Color
Border Color
Background Color
Arrow Color

Step #2

Right Click / Ctrl+Click on the image below and save it. 1

Enchanced Message

Step #3

Share your image and the powerful message it contains on your favorite social network.

1. Safari users may have to add the .png extension to their image while saving.

A special thanks to Jan Odvárko who created JSColor.

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